What's a Power Engineer?

Electricity impacts everyone’s life.  Although it is invisible, electricity is something real and essential. It shapes the way we live. Without electricity, it would be near impossible to live like we do today.  Think about life with limited or no electricity – no lights, no computers, no television and no household appliances.  No way!

Power engineers are the people who make sure we have electricity - day in and day out.  They plan, design, construct, operate and maintain power systems and equipment.  This is the infrastructure that generates, transports and distributes electricity – the heartbeat of modern society.

If you choose power engineering as your field of study or your career, the opportunities are huge. These technical specialists work on large-scale power projects to produce and deliver electricity across towns, states and countries.  Some even develop specialised and remote power systems for major industrial sites such as mines, and aircraft and electric rail networks and many are working to create new technologies that will create environmentally sustainable energy solutions.

If you become a power engineer, you’ll be helping to guarantee electricity supply to keep businesses and households going – allowing us to do what we have to do and importantly, do what we want to do.

Become a power engineer by studying at one of Australia’s leading universities and power our world.

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